Nate Beaty

Cat attack!

We’re back! This week we’re adding two comics by Nate Beaty [cartoonist, web designer, friend to cats everywhere]:

Wolfman Chicago Has a Frittata in the Oven collects humorous one-page comics about Nate’s life, and his cats.

Piecemeal No. 4 collects longer comics about near-death experiences Nate has experienced lately…and his cats.

We can’t get enough of Nate’s comics, so it’s always a real treat when we can read new collections. Now you can too! Order these comics here OR visit our new Pop-Up comics shop in Miami through June!

We’re at 203 NE 82nd St, Miami, FL 33138
Wednesday – Friday 11:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Cathy Hannah
Everyday 2017 by Cathy Hannah

457 Days in the Life of Cathy Hannah

It’s been a while since we’ve added new titles from Cathy Hannah, but the comics and postcards we got in the mail recently were worth the wait!

Chicago in The Fall is a collection of daily comic strips from September, October, and November of 2016, following the same style as Cathy’s Springtime in Chicago.

Everyday 2017 collects Cathy’s challenge to herself to draw a single-panel comic for every day of 2017. She posted them on her Instagram as she drew them, and now they’re collected in tiny zines, which you can buy individually by month or all together (though we’re currently out of May and October). Each zine unfolds to reveal a poster by Cathy.

We also have six new postcard designs by Cathy. Check out the stylish ink illustrations you can mail to friends and family!

Caroline Picard
Issues From The Future by Coco Picard

Comics from the future!

While this post is not from the future, the comics we’re adding are. While working on her graphic novel, The Chronicles of Fortune, Coco Picard drew three minicomics depicting moments that could take place after the events in the book.

We sold these comics individually as promotional material before the book was complete, and included copies in pre-order reward bundles. Now all three Issues From The Future are collected together with a belly band, and you can presently order them from us! Enjoy!

Kevin Czap

Gifts From Friends

We’re so happy to add the second chapter of Kevin Czap’s series, Four Years. It’s full of warm feelings of friendship and community. We love Kevin’s drawing style, fluid and alive, and we love their story telling, subtle, and emotive. We think you’ll love this issue and the first issue as well!