Radiator Comics

What the heck is Radiator Comics?!


Radiator Comics is a comic book distributor, selling comics that focus on self-expression and storytelling. Most of the titles in our catalog are “MINICOMICS,” comic books that have been hand-made by their authors. Minicomics are unique in that their authors handle the entire production of their comics, from the spark of an idea, to writing, drawing, and producing it on their own. It’s a real work of love!

Radiator Comics actively works to seek out potential comics readers, and encourage them to become active readers! We think comics are a great vehicle for storytelling, and want to see comics read more widely. Our comics range in style, tone and subject matter as much as your neighborhood bookstore:

short stories, humor, comics as journalism, adventure, autobiographical memoirs, science fiction & fantasy

If you like to read smart fiction, creepy sci-fi, quirky humor, fun kids comics, or thought-provoking nonfiction, check out the comics RADIATOR COMICS carries!

If YOU make comics, you should submit samples to us! Please send one copy of each title for consideration to:

Radiator Comics, PO Box 18392, Chicago, IL 60618

Please include a note with contact information, retail prices of your submission & any other information you feel is important. Radiator Comics will review all submissions, and will try our best to reply. Please be patient if you don’t hear back from us quickly.

Unfortunately, not every comic can be accepted, so don’t let it get you down if your comic’s not picked up. Submitted comics will be donated to a comics library, because

Comics Libraries are Awesome!

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