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Cryptozoology by Reid Psaltis

Animal Action!

Hey lookit! Reid Psaltis joins the Radiator Crew with five awesome comics! Check Reid out! His series Kingdom/Order is being serialized on Study Group, so you can read it there.

Also, Liz Prince is on tour promoting her new book Tomboy (Zest Books)! I’m so excited for this book. Putting her dates on our event page is a high priority for me this week (which will give you a real-time understanding at how slow I am on accomplishing high priorities). Until then, here is her epic tour graphic:


Are you still there? Lastly, check out Ezra Claytan Daniel’s comics, he’s featured in our creator spotlight. Changers is one of my favorite sci-fi stories of all time, as is his current comic, Upgrade Soul, available on iPad and iPhone. It’s super creepy and very addictive!

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