Alec Longstreth

Grit, Greatness & Renewal

This week we welcome Alec Longstreth to the Radiator Comics family, and reveal our plans to set the city of Chicago on fire!

WHAT?! COME ON! Who would not be excited about having Alec Longstreth’s comics in their catalog?! Alec’s comics brim with excitement and an obsessive attention to detail that will make you jump up and down and nerd out at the exact same time. The current story in his one-man minicomic anthology Phase 7, “The Weezer Fan Trilogy,” is everything you hope for in a fan zine to a favorite band. His graphic novel, Basewood is full of striking images that build an emotionally complex story. Check his comics out!

Here at Radiator HQ, we’re getting really excited for the Great Chicago Fire Festival!


The Great Chicago Fire Festival is an outdoor spectacle taking place on the main branch of the Chicago River to celebrate Chicago’s grit, greatness and renewal. Barges moored in the river, musical instruments and giant metal cauldrons will all become engulfed in flames during the performance! Radiator Comics will be at the festival as one of 30 vendors in specially-designed kiosks, and we’re bringing some of our artists along, so you can meet them, and get your books signed!

This giant fiery celebration is being put on by Redmoon Theatre and the City of Chicago, and Radiator is beside itself to be able to be involved with a Redmoon event. We’ve been big fans of Redmoon’s outdoor spectacles for many years, including the teetering house-on-stilts performance in Ping Tom Memorial Park, and its tale of a flooded city in the lagoon behind the Museum of Science and Industry!

If you want to see inventions you never knew could be made, and sites you’ll never forget, you will not want to miss the Great Chicago Fire Festival.

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