Georgia WebberSqueaky Noises
Dumb No. 1 by Georgia Webber


Radiator Comics welcomes our first international artist this week. Georgia Webber lives in Toronto, and makes some really amazing comics about her throat injury and her subsequent inability to speak. We’ve got all five issues of Dumb, and look forward to carrying future issues as well! If you’re in Montreal this weekend, you can say hi to Georgia at Expozine.

Squeaky Noises by Cara Bean

Radiator Election Sale Update:

Last week on election day, Radiator Comics offered a 10%-off sale, and pledged to donate another 10% from each order to the League of Women Voters, so as to support nonpartisan electoral work. Election night is full of victories and disappointments, and one of the disappointments from last Tuesday was that no one ordered anything. Cue sad trombone.

We’re okay with no one taking advantage of the discount, but we felt kind of weird pledging to make a donation to the League of Women Voters, and then not following through, so we gave $25 (10% of our best single day so far). This will not be the last time we try to do some good in the world while selling awesome comic books. We’ve got some ideas for future projects that would involve supporting nonprofits, and we’re already planning on repeating our election day sale in February when Chicagoans go back to the ballot-box for municipal elections. And whenever you buy a copy of Cara Bean’s Squeaky Noises, Cara and Radiator each give a portion of our sales to greyhound rescues!

Vacation Time!

So, no real reason, except to recharge our batteries, we’re going on vacation at the end of this week (and we’re taking the train! Choo choo!). This means we’re going to be away from our computers, comic books, and familiar post office employees…So we’re not going to be able to mail out any comics. If you place an order after 3pm on Wednesday, November 12, Radiator Comics will not ship your order until Wednesday, November 19. Of course, you are welcome to place an order during that time, if you’re OK with waiting.

Have a great week, y’all!

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