Bikeman No. 1 by Jon Chad

Enter the Bikeman!

We’re super excited to add the comics of Jon Chad to our catalog today! And how can you not be excited? Jon’s comics are full of energy and fun! Each one is built with great (and often funny) dialog, strong characters, surprising plot twists, sharp drawing skills, and inventive book design. We have all five current issues of Jon’s series Bikeman, as well as the first issue of Mezmer, an interstellar epic that is quite delightful! Check it out!

Follow the link below for important information on holiday shopping both online and in person!

Holiday Ordering

If you’re thinking about giving comics as a gift this year, we encourage you to place your order before December 15. The United States Postal Service gets pretty busy this time of year, so the sooner you order, the more likely you’ll receive your order in time.

All orders placed between the 15th and the 21st will be shipped in flat-rate priority mail envelopes which usually only take 2-3 days for domestic shipping, but with the holidays, may take an extra day or two.

All orders placed between the 21st and the 26th will ship on December 27th…because we’ll be on vacation.

Redmoon Winter Pageant

Winter Pageant

Redmoon’s Winter Pageant is this and next weekends, and they’ve invited Radiator Comics to be one of the local vendors in their pre-show holiday market. So if you’re coming out to the Winter Pageant (which will feature acrobatics, breakdancing, a choir, puppets and a one-man, 10-instrument band), be sure to stop by our kiosk and say hi! We’ll be selling every show on Friday and Saturday. Redmoon has performances on Sunday, but we wont be there.

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