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Cha Cha Cha

Kate Brideau PhD has two new zines on this here site, Radiator Comics! What fun! What luck! What…is going on in her brain that causes her to make these images? You’ll have to find out, by picking up issues two and three of Maps & Diversion!

ETA: 12/17/14 Kate’s first published article has just been made available for reading in the Journal of Visual Culture! It’s all about the typeface, Impact, and its…well…impact on internet memes. She cowrote the article with Charles Berret, a PhD student at Columbia University. Way to go, Kate!

Last weekend & this upcoming weekend, Radiator Comics has been selling comics at Redmoon Theater during their amazing Winter Pageant! If you’re in Chicago, we’d strongly recommend you see this creative & fun show. If you know kids, we’d highly strongly super recommend you bring them along (please get their parents’ permission first). It’s got tap-dancing reindeer, a secret treasure, dinosaurs, break-dancing robot-aliens, you name it, they got it. More info at the redmoon website, http://redmoon.org.

This Friday, Jeremy Tinder will be hanging out at the Radiator Comics Kiosk, and on Saturday, you can meet Jeff Zwirek! Come say hi, check out our comics, get chased by a newspaper yeti, NBD.

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