Loaded Blanks Card by Lucy Knisley

Fill In The Blanks

Growing up, whenever one of my siblings had a birthday, the rest of us would get together to sign a card. If there were several characters on the front of the card, we would write each of our names on the characters, claiming that in this scenario, that particular cartoon character was us. Coming from a big family, sometimes the last kid who signed the card ended up being a lamp, or something.

In 2010 I got tattoos of empty speech bubbles on my wrists. A display of how much I love comics! I expected to write thoughts and declarations in the empty spaces frequently, but it quickly became apparent I preferred them blank. Not, as a few strangers have asked, because I feel like I have nothing to say, but instead for the potential of what can be written in a blank word balloon.

It seems really appropriate that Radiator Comics would start carrying Loaded Blank cards! In which you help write the card’s message in empty word balloons.

Curated by Ezra Claytan Daniels, Loaded Blanks each feature a beautiful comic by great comics artists. Though several panels of each comic feature word balloons, there are now words printed in the comic. That’s where you come in! You decide what the lonely dinosaur, or the drunk party-goer, or the autoharp is saying. You’d have to draw your own card to find a more personalized greeting card.

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