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Drop Target Zine No. 6 by Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth

New Drop Target Zine!

Alright, pinheads! Check out Drop Target No. 6, the DESIGN issue! Alec & Jon are back with more super excited & super detailed analysis of pinball machines, culture, and the mad scientists behind the scenes. This issue they also drag along Gabby Schulz, Ryan Claytor, and cameos byBeth Hetland, and Cartoon Picayune’s Josh Kramer! It’s a family affair.

Alec just spent this last weekend hosting a 24-hour comics challenge at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee! You’ll want to keep an eye on his blog for what is sure to be a thorough report once he’s thawed back in Oakland.

Jon’s been posting some amazingly informative & amazingly charming video reviews on the design of minicomics over at Festival Season. Check out his Minicomics Minute!

We’ve got a bunch of exciting comics for you over the next few weeks, so check back every week! Next Tuesday’s new title (and new artist!) is the awesome.

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