Cathy Hannah

Welcome Cathy Hannah!

We’re excited to introduce to our catalog the comics of Cathy Hannah today! Cathy is a Chicago-based comics artist, Xeric Grant recipient, and all around awesome person. Cathy’s autobio comics draw you in with a simple and accessible clean-line style of drawing, and then it hits you over the head with some amazing story telling! Her graphic novella, Winter Beard is an adorable and heart-warming story of a world-ending crush!

Alas, Cathy’s on-going minicomic series is a complex investigation of what it means to be an adult in modern American society. It shifts in time and setting without warning, evoking the sense of recalling memory, chronicling her father’s time in the Marines during the Vietnam War, as well as her own protests against the “Global War on Terror.” Cathy struggles with issues of self-worth as she tries to find a balance between conforming to societal definitions of adulthood and living by her own rules.

They’re all great reads, and you should read them!

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