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Happy April!

Hello! Today is April 1st! Ha ha, no it’s not. April fools.

This week we’ve added a minicomic by me, Neil! It’s a side-story to my ongoing series, the Plot. Tell Now the Tale of the Argus Mushroom is a comic I drew for J.T. Yost’s anthology, Digestate, which you can purchase from J.T’s distro, Birdcage Bottom Books. It tells the origin story of the villager’s host-bodies, and how it relates to a versatile mushroom. If you’re a fan of my series, I hope you’ll pick it up I think it adds depth to the village’s history.

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Two super smart, and exceptionally talented comics artists, Marnie Galloway & Sam Sharpe just released the first episode of their podcast, Image Plus Text. As a friend and colleague of both Marnie and Sam, I can’t recommend checking out this podcast enough. They plan on interviewing interesting people whose work comes from the intersection of text and image. This will of course include many comics artists, but they plan on interviewing people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As I pointed out last week, alternative comics festival season has begun! In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding comics and zines that have been debuting at comics festivals around the country. Stay tuned!

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