Cathy Hannah

New Comics by Cathy Hannah!

Powerful new comics is the name of the game this week, as we add Cathy Hannah’s concluding volume of her series Alas, and her brand new minicomic, Uglyfat.

Alas vol 6 culminates Cathy’s investigation of feeling like she’s falling short of being a successful adult. While we can’t say it has a happy ending, it does conclude by putting things into perspective, showing us that even the family members against whom Cathy compares herself feel they don’t hold a candle to those they idealize.

Uglyfat is an unflinching chronicle of living with an eating disorder, and how we are all victims and perpetrators of society’s perceptions on beauty and worth. Rather than making conclusions, Cathy starts a conversation that you will carry on long after you have finished reading this minicomic.

We’re honored and proud to carry Cathy’s comics! We feel like she’s saying some really important stuff in a really accessible language. We recommend you also check out her awesome drawings on facebook!

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