Mike FreiheitJon Chad

Adventure in the vacuum of space, and in an office cleaner’s bag.

If you are reading this interstellar message, there may still be hope! Perhaps Maxer, the evil robot hasn’t defeated the forces of good, and their shirtless wonder, Mumfot. We need your help, earthling! Please familiarize yourself with the epic science fiction comics series, Mezmer by Jon Chad!

Lucky for you, Radiator Comics now carries both issues ONE and TWO of Mezmer, which is a ton of fun to read. Like an overload of 1980’s and 90’s Saturday morning cartoons, Mezmer is the chronicles of war, death, destruction, and friendship in our distant cosmic future, where androids and cyborgs do battle on behalf of powerful beings.

If a more terrestrial action is your bag, look no further than Mike Freiheit’s latest minicomic, Adventure! Mike is best known for his series Monkey Chef, which deals with some pretty heavy topics while telling Mike’s story of working at a primate sanctuary in South Africa. Mike lets his sense of humor shine in this small collection of shorter stories. Some are serious meditations on labor and reincarnation, while others are quick goofy gags, and jokes about butts!

Both comics are so great, and we hope you’ll dig them like a grave.

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