King-Cat No. 75 by John Porcellino

All Hail the King!

John Porcellino reached a new milestone in his comics-making life: the 75th issue of King-Cat Comics & Stories! We’re pleased as punch to carry this issue, which chronicles the life of John’s long-time cat-companion, Maisie Kukoc.

So iconic to minicomics, for a while Maisie had an award named after her. This comic tells the entire story of how John came to live with and care for a black cat with a wild and endearing personality, and the friendship that developed! You should pick it up today!

Viewotron No. 2 by Sam Sharpe
Also! Sam Sharpe’s critically-acclaimed Viewotron No. 2 is back in print! We teamed up with Sam to reprint this moving memoir about growing up with a mother who has schizophrenia. You can order it from us today!

Speaking of milestones, the Chicago Publishers Resource Center is having their 2nd Anniversary event this Friday evening! If you go, you could win free comics from Radiator Comics! What are you waiting for? Grab your sleeping bag, and camp outside their doors (858 N Ashland)! [More info here.]


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