Mike FreiheitTrubble Club
Party Animals by Mike Freiheit


Yeah, yeah, comics can be a serious medium to talk about important issues in a unique blah blah blah.

BUT! It can also be a way of having a lot of fun! This week Radiator Comics is adding the latest publication from Chicago’s comics ne’er-do-wells, Trubble Club! Life’s Too Short is a border-line obscene take on sitcoms and other television dramas with a collection of short comics starring Larry the hotdog, and Gary the hamburger. Eat. It. Up!

ALSO! Local bad boy, Mike Freiheit has collected a jubilant collection of drawings of animals having a good time (with the help of intoxicants) in his sketchbook, Party Animals! If you like animals and/or drinking, this zine is perfect for you!

So cut back, relax, live a little, and have fun!

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