Melissa Mendes
The Weight by Melissa Mendes

Worth the Weight

Melissa Mendes is back with two new issues of her depression-era drama, The Weight. While this comic is full of difficult situations, we read these issues with a level of joy, savoring Melissa’s deft storytelling. Radiator Comics now proudly carries the first three issues of The Weight, which you can actually read online for free (or if you want, you can join Melissa’s Patreon). In fact, the first page of issue 4 was posted TODAY!

Why the heck would we point you to a free source for the comics we just added to our website?! Well, like Melissa, we think as many people as possible should read the Weight…but we’re also confident folks will want to be able to hold issues in their hands, and get lost in their sepia pages. So if you are craving the paper version of Melissa’s masterpiece, you know where to get them, friends.

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