Miranda Harmon
Intergalactic Dance Party by Miranda Harmon

Lines That Dance!

How can we get any happier?! We’ve just spent the weekend staring at comics by Miranda Harmon! Drawn with an energetic and down-right FUN line quality, Miranda’s comics can’t help but bring a smile to your face. We’ve been big fans of Miranda’s silly sense of humor, and sincere story-telling style for a couple years now, and we’re sure you’ll become just as big a fan! Check out Possum Girl, The Haunted Ring, Intergalactic Dance Party or heck! Order all three! We’re not judgin’.

Valentines Day Cometh!

Bad news, er I mean…HOORAY! Valentines Day is right around the corner! Are you looking for that special something for that special someone?! Comics are a great gift! Do you hate Valentines Day, and are planning on staying inside all day, reading comics?! Comics are a great gift to yourself! Check out these romance-themed comics! All orders from now through February 14th will include a free Loaded Blanks Card to give to a loved-one, crush, friend, friend-with-benefits, or WHOEVER! We’re not judgin’.

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