Mike Freiheit

Hello, Goodbye!

When you hang out with other comics artists, the question “have you read anything good lately?” comes up a lot. Goodbye by Ben Passmore was a minicomic that came up among a number of friends over the past year, with exclamations of agreement as to its superb quality! What followed would be an exasperated attempt to articulate into words why it was such a good comic. Great art can be identified by its ability to articulate through its medium ideas that can’t just be articulated through words. In that regard, Goodbye is the cream of the crop.

We were heartbroken when our supply of Goodbye ran out, and Ben told us he too was out. But we were then rejuvenated by the news that Record Label, Silver Sprocket would be reprinting it as a tiny little book! What luck! And now it’s in our hands, and we can place it in yours. So what are you waiting for? Get this killer comic, and then throw your hands up in frustration when you can’t explain to your friends why it’s so dang good!

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