Bikes! Cake! Loans!

We’re giddy to announce the SIXTH issue of Jon Chad’s Bikeman is now available through Radiator Comics. This series is great for young-adults, it’s full of adventure, mystery, and awesome bicycles! This issue is pretty heavy, and leaves you screaming “where’s issue seven?!”

This weekend Radiator Comics and at least 17 of our artists will be tabling at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo! Stop by, say hi! The whole thing is FREE! Check it out!

Lastly, THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who has lent money to our Kiva campaign! We are just under $300 away from having our business loan fully funded, which means we’re in good shape to publish our first book, Caroline Picard’s The Chronicles of Fortune! If you want to be one of the folks who closes the gap, you can lend at

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