Caroline Picard

Upgrade Soul Exclusive!

Radiator Comics is proud to be the only place you can order the print versions of Ezra Claytan DanielsUpgrade Soul vol’s 1 and 2!

Originally published as a serialized reactive comic for the iPad and iPhone, Upgrade Soul is a simultaneously unsettling but crushingly sincere tale of about an elderly couple, Molly and Hank, who are faced with the opportunity with a sort of fountain-of-youth process that will clean their cells of genetic imperfections. A terminal error causes a cancellation mid-process, and results in two versions of the couple, each flawed, each unique, but also inextricably bonded to each other.

We love Ezra’s storytelling, and have been following the digital version of Upgrade Soul for years, so it’s a real thrill to have copies of the full-color print versions to share with you!

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Our Kiva US Business Loan was fully-funded last week, and we wanted to thank the 52 lenders who supported the project to finance the printing of Caroline Picard’s The Chronicles Of Fortune! We can not wait to see this book in print, and hope you are just as excited! We also want to thank the countless friends and family who helped promote the lending campaign. Keep your ears out in the Fall for news about Radiator Comics’ first book!

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