Marian Runk

Hey! Pay Attention!

This week we encourage you to check out Marian Runk’s Sometimes I Pay Attention. This zine collects drawings, comics, and poetry that capture tiny moments of chipmunks eating nuts, often-passed-over animal tracks in dried concrete, and losing or celebrating one’s faith. Marian’s beautiful pencil work is a sight to see, and her observations are both subtle and striking. We only have FOUR copies, so don’t sleep on Sometimes I Pay Attention!

This past Friday was Radiator Comics’ second birthday, and we celebrated by…well…working. But! We were working on Radiator-related work, and were very happy doing so. We’re incredibly lucky to be running this distro, representing nearly 50 amazing comics artists from across the country. Thanks so much for your continued support. Have you read a comic yet today?

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