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Ladies in the Wild by Jen Tong

Welcome Jen Tong!

We’re so happy to add Jen Tong’s comics to the Radiator catalog! We’ve been a big fan of Jen’s art for almost as long as we’ve been a fan of minicomics, so it’s a real honor to carry some of her charming comics and zines! We were able to convince Jen to leave her unsold stock from CAKE with us, and it was no surprise, when we took them to the Pitchfork Music Festival in July they attracted a lot of attention. Our current supply is low, and these titles may sell out very quickly. We’ve begun a letter-writing campaign to lobby Jen to send us more. Please contact your alderman.

What are you waiting for?! We have six amazing titles by Jen Tong you will be compelled to show all of your friends when they come over to your house! Then you’ll have to forcefully yank them out of your usually quite polite company as they too fall under the spell of Jen’s plants, pixies and plutoid-faring space-pods!

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