Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore

A Fabulous Return!

Last weekend, we had the privilege of tabling next to Penina Gal and Betsey Swardlick at RIPE! They are two of the most fun folks making minicomics these days. They are full of positive energy, they make great comics and they also know where to find really good baked goods in Providence.

Today we are stoked to add Penina & Betsey’s new issue of Glamera to our catalog! The half-glam-rock-star/half-kaiju-monster is back, and defending their GLAMESSENCE from five ghosts known as the GLAMURAI! You don’t want to miss this fabulous chapter!

We’re also excited to add the new full-color version of Ben Passmore’s comic, Your Black Friend to our catalog! Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, this new version is pretty much the same as the original, though laid out in a letter-digest format, and now saturated in the vibrant colors Ben is known for!

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