Mike FreiheitJeff Zwirek

How Rude!

This week we’ve added two new comics for “mature” audiences by two local bad-boys, Jeff Zwirek and Mike Freiheit!

Go Fuck Myself collects autobiographical self-loathing comics by Mike on brightly colored paper! Marvel as his lizard brain obscures any rational thought! Watch as everyone in his life becomes frustrated with him…even his own legs?! Through the wacky self-hate, Mike investigates issues of depression in a collection of disarming and funny comics.

You would think with a title like Go Fuck Myself, Mike’s comic would be the more vulgar of the two…YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

Stand-Up Comic No. 1 by Jeff features a sad, suicidal comedian who doesn’t hold back on letting his life spill into his comedy routine. If you like family friendly jokes, run! You wont find them here.

We hope that you have a happy holiday week this Thursday, and are able to spend it with friends, family, or working to make the world a better place. We will be away from the Radiator Comics office until Tuesday, November 29. Please feel free to place orders while we’re away. We’ll get them out the door as quickly as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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