Punk Comix for Hire

Are you looking at this website at your crummy day job? Today is your lucky day! We have the fifth issue of the punk comics anthology, As You Were, and it’s all about lousy day jobs just like yours! It features tons of labor from over forty comics artists, including Ben Passmore, Julia Wertz, Meg Has Issues, and Liz (My Brain Hurts) Baillie! Get excited, cogs! This anthology will spin your wheels!

It’s the holidays! It’s not too late to order from Radiator Comics! Order by December 16th to guarantee (as much as we can) your order arriving by December 24th! No matter when you order, we’ll hustle to get your order out the door asap! We’ll be shipping until the 23rd, and resuming on the 29th! If you can’t choose the right comic (’cause we’ve got over 200 titles in stock), order a Radiator Pack for you or a friend/coworker/boss/family member/secret cult member/whatever! You pick the size and duration of the comic subscription, and we pick out only the best comics for your mailbox!

We also have holiday-themed greeting cards by Allison Cole, Jeremy Tinder, Tom Herpich, Dave Keirsh, and Dash Shaw!

Forest Park, Illinois! We’re gonna be selling our weird comics at your Historical Society’s Holiday Craft Fair this Sunday from 10:00am – 2:00pm! Come say hello!

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