The Secret Life of Things thumbprint

The Secret Life of Things

Since the start of the year, we’ve been on a roll adding new Chicago-based comics artists to our roster. This week we’re welcoming Bobby Sims by adding two of his minicomics to our catalog, Slam Dunks and Fridge Zone!

In these two comics, Bobby imagines strange new behaviors of objects we take for granted. Houses, trains, vegetables, and leftovers. Bobby’s background in design and printing shines through the way he builds his comics, both in his stories, and the physical books themselves.

We’re still recruiting for our Street Team!

If you live outside of Chicago, and want to help us out a little by recommending Radiator Comics to your favorite local stores, sign up for our Street Team! We’ll send you promotional information to give to the store manager, and we’ll include some thank you gifts. Join the team!

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