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Felines and Sirens

This week we have the privilege of adding the fourth issue in the Frankie Comics tetralogy, and a new printing of Isabella Rotman’s Siren School!

Frankie Comics are a super cute collection of comics by Rachel Dukes about an adorable cat who gets into every-day antics a young cat might….you know, chasing objects, knocking objects over, barfing on objects. Cute cat stuff! Rachel’s comics are charming and fun.

A less-safe form of charming are the sirens that populate Isabella Rotman’s Siren School, which Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club has reprinted in a larger, full color version. These mermaids will lure sailors to their briny deaths by getting them to explain the plots to Star Wars, or look at their car that seems to be making funny noises!

CHICAGO! Are you going to the Chicago Zine Fest this weekend?! If not? Why the heck not?! It’s an annual free event that celebrates self-publishing, and it’s great! There are readings Friday night [including a reading by Sage Coffey], and a huge exhibition hall on Saturday. Neil will be on a Quimby’s Bookstore panel from 12:15 – 1:15, and there will be hundreds of amazing comics and zines to pick up and treasure! Did I mention it’s all FREE?!

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