Animals of Northern Illinois

We’re gigantic fans of John Porcellino’s King-Cat already, but his latest issue, [No. 77!!] is a real charmer. Fun, wide-eyed stories of close encounters with possums, sightings of cougars (despite government denial of their existence in the area), and caring for frogs and caterpillars will fill your heart with a love for wild life and life in general.

Now’s a great time to order comics like King-Cat No. 77, because Radiator Comics is moving to Miami, Florida! Next month we’re packing up our office, and moving South East, and as you could imagine, the lighter our load, the easier our move will be. In fact, with every order in the month of July, we’ll throw in a free comic (in addition to the free comics we normally include in shipments)! July is our birthday month, and over the past three years, we’ve exhibited at a ton of comics & zine festivals and craft fairs. The amount of events we do inevitably leads wear and tear on some copies of the comics we carry. We’re passing these -totally readable- comics to you this month. No matter the size of the order,we’ll include an extra comic (that has the added historical value of having been well-handled by Radiator Comics staff!) from our catalog -including some out of stock titles!

Order some comics today!

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