Dave Ortega

Faith and Mole

We are thrilled to have received copies of the fourth issue of Dave Ortega’s Dias De Consuelo series! This very colorful issue follows Dave’s Abuela when she is five- and six-years old in intimate -yet formative- moments going to church, school, and moving in search for family and stability.

Dave’s storytelling and artwork are stunning, and we have grown so much with Consuelo and her family that we have formed a familial connection with them. Order this issue -and any issues you haven’t read yet- today!

In ten days, we’ll be in Boston for the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, and we’ll be tabling with copies of Dias De Consuelo, and Dave (who lives in Somerville), will be visiting our table. Dave will also be on a panel on Sunday, the 22nd about Comics and Migration! You wont want to miss that talk.

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