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This week we’ve added two collections! Frankie Comics No’s 1-4 Collected [SPX Special Edition] by Rachel Dukes & Browse, Illustrated Reconstructions of Books Shoppers & Other Bookstore Dwellers by Mike Centeno!

In September, Rachel Dukes teamed up with Silver Sprocket to print a limited-edition collection of the first four issues of Frankie Comics for the Small Press Expo. Rachel sent us some of the remaining stock. The individual issues are out of print (though we have a few copies of no’s 3 & 4 remaining), and Rachel intends to print a more permanent collection in 2018. In the meantime there’s this signed & hand-numbered zine collection that will make the most die-hard dog person a fan of cats.

When he’s not making comics, drawing illustrations, or recording music, Mike Centeno’s day job is at our favorite store (and previous employer), Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago. Mike has collected a series of portraits of “typical” patrons to the store in a fun little zine.

In festival news, we’re finally done unpacking from MICE…and now have to pack up for Short Run! We’ll be in Seattle for this much-praised festival this Saturday, November 4th. So wipe off that Halloween makeup, and come visit us at table F:34! More info here!

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