Cara’s Comics Can Help!

Everyone’s comics buddy, Cara Bean, is back with two new comics designed to help you!

Why Draw? investigates both why you should draw, and how to overcome any fears you might have about drawing!

Snake Pit explores adolescent depression and suicide with information that will help readers understand it, and deal with it in healthy ways.

Both comics are drawn with love and caring, and compliment each other really well!

If you are in New York City this weekend, check out Comic Arts Brooklyn! It features tons of amazing comics artists including Whit Taylor, Marnie Galloway, Mike Freiheit, Mike Centeno, Jen Tong, Jessica Campbell, and Kevin Czap!

If you’re in South Florida this weekend, check out the Small Press Fair in Ft. Lauderdale, where Neil Brideau will be tabling as Radiator Comics in their Zine Dunes section!

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