“Less Than A Year Ago, Our World Was Destroyed…” thumbprint

“Less Than A Year Ago, Our World Was Destroyed…”

Is there a name for the small sub-genre of fantasy that features no human characters? The Dark Crystal? Mrs. Frisbee And the Rats of NIMH? Vattu? I’m not sure why I’m personally drawn to these tales that completely ignore the creatures that created it. When I first got into self-publishing my own comics, and exhibiting and volunteering at comics festivals, Kazimir Strzepek’s The Mourning Star stood out to me as a remarkable body of work. It captured my imagination with its entirely invented world, interlacing narratives and mysteries galore. It also inspired me to work on my own other-worldly comic series.

As you can imagine, it’s a real honor for me to add the first two volumes of Kaz’s epic adventure series to the Radiator Comics catalog! Come join us in a world of swashbuckling sword fights, ghosts that eat dreams, assassins, ambushes, despotic gangs, shady children, mysterious travelers, giant killer bugs, and the most delightfully gruesome cartoon deaths in all the land!

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