90 days in the life of John P.

It’s Tuesday! It’s time for a new comic! We’re huge fans of John Porcellino, his comics, his distro [Spit & A Half], and his self! We’re really happy to add his latest title, South Beloit Journal [published by Uncivilized Books] to our catalog! It’s a collection of diary comics from 2011, depicting his mood and everyday life from that spring. If you’re a fan of John Porcellino, you’ll love this comic!

On a personal note, I had a lot of fun seeing all the other comics artists and events that make an appearance, including his exhibiting at the Chicago Zine Fest [which I helped organize and is opening up registration for their ninth annual festival (in May) on January 14th], a visit to Quimby’s Bookstore [where I was working], and crashing with my good friend Cara Bean [who let me & Kenan Rubenstein crash with 5 months later, which is how we became friends]!

We hope your holidays are going well! We’re shipping comics through the 28th [then we’re off for New Years!], so keep placing orders, and we’ll get them out the door ASAP!

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