Alec LongstrethJon Chad
Drop Target Zine by Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth

High Score!

We loved carrying Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth’s Drop Target Zines. They were full of positive energy and enthusiasm, and also got really nerdy about all sorts of details related to pinball. Reading these zines got us into pinball, and we were lucky enough to have Alec give us a personal crash course in playing the game last year.

We’re super excited that Jon & Alec have released the Drop Target Omnibus, a 540-page behemoth of a book, collecting all seven issues of the original zine, plus over 100 pages of bonus matrerials, including new dream machines, interviews, comics, and t-shirt and poster designs! If you dig pinball, you’re going to really love the Drop Target Omnibus; and if you really love the Drop Target Omnibus, you’ll be happy to hear Jon and Alec consider this the first, but not the last publication from Drop Target Publishing. So stay tuned for future pinball publications!

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