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Leave it to a farmer to make comics that with such depth that feel so organic. We’re filled with joy to add Iona Fox’s Almanac 2017 to our catalog, and welcome her to our growing list of artists whose work we distribute! We read Almanac 2017 at least three times in 2017, and each time found brand new morsels of humor, insight and warmth from Iona’s outstanding graphic storytelling! Iona’s autobiographical comics, poems about nature, and sketches fit right into the other idiosyncratic memoirs you’ve picked up from Radiator Comics! Don’t delay in ordering a copy of what will surely be one of your favorite comics you’ve read recently!

Speaking of great memoirs…Mike Freiheit has completed his third volume of his series, Monkey Chef. “Where can I get it?!” you might be yelling right about now…well, it’s being published by the great and wonderful Kilgore Books…but only if they can meet their Kickstarter goal for their Spring 2018 lineup (which is chock full of good comics by great people, imho*). Consider supporting Kilgore’s Kickstarter campaign, which is only a few hundred dollars from meeting its goal, but only a few days away from ending! This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, March 30 2018 7:50 AM EDT, so don’t delay!

*i might have otters

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