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How To Fail Upwards

Ben Passmore’s new collection, Your Black Friend and Other Strangers is a hard-cover, technicolor, over-the-counter shot in the arm, and we’re really excited to add it to our catalog! This is over 100 pages of Ben’s thoughts on the capitalist police-state we find ourselves in the late Anthropocene…Which sounds like a total bummer, but Ben’s comics are deceptively fun, thought-provoking, and most importantly honest.

So many “political” comics point their fingers only outwardly, but Ben’s got two thumbs, and he uses them often to point blame right back at himself (who’s got two thumbs and is bad at pronouns…?). Which is not to say Ben’s not super harsh on a lot of people, but there is an empathy that runs through his comics that says “we’re in this together.” And that’s refreshing.

You can order the book from us right now, or if you want to grab it in person, Ben will be at TCAF [Toronto Comic Arts Festival] this weekend! It’s totally free to attend, so you have no excuses if you’re near Toronto. While you’re there be sure to visit the tables of Bobby Sims, Georgia Webber, Isabella Rotman, Jessica Campbell, Kevin Czap, Miranda Harmon, and Whit Taylor!

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