Marnie Galloway

More and more!

This past weekend was the 7th annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, where we had the distinct honor of tabling just a few feet away from Marnie Galloway. She debuted her new comic, Slightly Plural at CAKE, and we are now pleased as punch to have copies in our catalog! It’s a great collection of comics about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, and it should be on everyone’s to-read list, regardless of your baby-making status!

We want to extend a deep deep thank you to everyone who made our trip to Chicago for CAKE an amazing one! The organizers of the show put on a seamless event, and deserve a long vacation. The attendees were plentiful and enthusiastic, including a few folks we spoke to who were new to the world of alternative and independently published comics. It was a real treat to chat with so many super talented and wonderfully kind comics artists, and as we’ve been reading the comics we picked up, we’ve been blown away by every single one of them. Big thanks to Aaron Renier who tabled with us! He’s great, his comics are great, and if we had the time, we’d start the Aaron Renier Fan Club.

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