There’s More To Life Than This

Hot off the heals of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus [CXC], where Whit Taylor’s comics sold out in a day, we’re happy to add the second issue of her wonderful series, Fizzle! It’s a winding tale of a 20-something trying to find her place in the world. She’s got a crummy job and a idle boyfriend, but maybe with the help of a cold sweet treat, she can turn her life around. Whit’s one of the best folks making comics right now, it’s always a pleasure to read a new comic by her, a privilege to spend time with her at festivals, and an honor to carry her work through this distro.

A big big big big congratulations to John Porcellino, whose long-running King-Cat Comics & Stories received this year’s Transformative Work Award at CXC! Your understanding of comics changes as soon as you’ve read an issue of King-Cat, and the fact that John still self-publishes his digest comic zine, when most people see minicomics as stepping stones to something greater reshapes what we think of the medium. On a personal note, beyond the hundreds of pages of comics that have enriched my life, John’s Spit and a Half distro has been a major inspiration and source of support for what I try to do through Radiator Comics. I’ve also had the fortune of taking a day-long workshop with John earlier this year, and it expanded both my appreciation and understanding of comics, what I can do with the medium and what makes his comics so dang special.

I want to thank everyone who organizes CXC! I look forward to traveling to Columbus for this festival all year. I can’t recommend enough catching all the programming on Thursday and Friday (and probably Saturday and Sunday as well, we were stuck behind a table)! I want to extend special thanks to Cara Bean, Iona Fox, Whit, Vicko Alvarez, Kurt Ankeny, Mike Freiheit, Caitlin McGurk, Kevin Czap, and Dave Ortega for making it a special weekend!

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