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This week we’ve added Luke Howard’s newest zine, Abandon Ship III to our catalog! It collects a few short comics essays and some interstitial drawings into a fun self-contained zine. Most of the comics are lighthearted, even when they’re dealing with serious subjects like white exotification of black bodies.

This upcoming weekend is the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, a free two-day festival of cool comics in Boston! Jessica Campbell, Jon Chad, Mike Freiheit, Neil Brideau, and Penina Gal will all be there! Jon will be teaching a comics-making workshop on Sunday at 1:30pm, Neil will be moderating a panel about comics collectives and micro-presses at 2:00pm, and Jessica will be on a panel about R. Crumb through the lens of race and gender at 3:30pm! All the information you need is at

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