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Comics Prints & Illustrations

This week we’re adding a bunch of stuff by Jeff Zwirek to our catalog! Blackstar No. 7 is Jeff’s latest collection of comics and illustrations he’s made over the past year or so. Fans of Jeff’s Risograph Tiger Print & die-cut tiger sticker will be happy to know we have two more floral animal prints by Jeff, a mighty squid and a fierce eagle!

This weekend in Los Angeles, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Kevin Czap, Liz Prince, Luke Howard, and Mike Freiheit will be exhibiting at Comic Arts Los Angeles! It’s a free two-day comics festival, which features many more exciting artists, wonderful programming, and even some guided meditation! Find out everything you need to know to get you to go at

Also this weekend in Miami, in conjunction with a million other Art Week events, Dale Zine will be hosting the ninth iteration of its Happy Zine Fair at Mana Contemporary downtown (the old 777 International Mall). Radiator Comics will be tabling (staffed by Neil Brideau) there with a selection of wonderful and wonderfully odd comics! It’s free to attend! There’s more information about Happy Zine vol. 9 at

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