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Egg-celent Comics!

This week we’re adding the long-awaited minicomic by Ashley Robin Franklin, The Ballad of Tulip & Bad Egg Bedelia Part 1! This comic is not for kids, but it’s got the fun irreverence of a kid’s comic! Delight as you watch the romance between an unlikley pair of hens blossoms under strained circumstances! It’s great!

neil brideau, penina gal, ashley robin franklin, and ann xu posing behind the radiator comics table at the small press expo in bethesda maryland!

We had the delightful pleasure of tabling with Ashley, Ann Xu and Penina Gal at this year’s Small Press Expo! We enjoyed talking with so many enthusiastic comics makers and comics readers this past weekend. Each year we think we’ve hit the capacity of love for SPX, but then the weekend overwhelms and heartens us. Thanks to everyone who works hard to make our community such a welcoming and loving one!

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