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New Inktober Terror

Ashley Robin Franklin has proven again and again the ability to mix body horror, creepy crawlies, and haunting entities with true heart and sincerity in her annual Inktober horror comics. We’re happy to add the latest self-published incarnation of these comics, One Million Tiny Fires to our catalog! If you’ve enjoyed On The Inside, and No Bones Nancy, you will love this queer erotic horror comic (not for kids)!

This week we’re sending out subscription copies of Fizzle No. 3 by Whit Taylor! Copies are also being sent to shops that pre-ordered the new issue, as well as reviewers. The comic will be added to this site next week, but we’ll mail a copy out to you right away if you subscribe to the series! In addition to receiving each issue before anyone else, subscribers also get dramatic discounts on shipping, and bonus Fizzle-related items!

Our pop-up at Locust Projects continues, as do our free Saturday morning cartooning workshops! This past Saturday, Fereshteh Toosi led seventeen participants in creating an experimental hand-drawn animation on 16mm film. This upcoming Saturday, Neil Brideau will show you how to create an interactive comic (designed by Jason Shiga), in which readers can choose different narratives! It’s at 11:30am and it’s FREE!

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