Dave Ortega

More Stories of Consuelo Castañón Herrera

We’re always happy when we get new comics from Dave Ortega, who is highly skilled at telling intimate and illuminating stories about his abuela Consuelo. This week we’ve added River, a short story about Consuelo’s teen years in a town on the Rio Grande. You will get a lot out of this short comic, which resonates through time.

Today marks the start of our final week at Locust Projects! We have one last workshop this Saturday, February 8, at 11:30am, and we start packing up the shop at 5:00pm later that afternoon. We want to thank Locust Projects and Trenton Doyle Hancock for the opportunity to present small press comics and workshops in conjunction with Trenton’s exhibition, I Made A Mound City In Miami Dade County! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shop, and who attended our six free cartooning workshops!

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