Supply and Demand

This week we’re adding The Audra Show No. 5 by Audra Stang to our catalog! It’s a really interesting expansion of the series’ story, as we explore Owen’s life after leaving Star Valley. We currently have a limited quntity of this issue, but we hope to get more copies eventually!

This Tuesday at 8:00pm EST, we’re interviewing Sarah Michelle Rupert, co-founder of SPF Fort Lauderdale about this Saturday’s online zine & print fair! It’s the first installment of a series about our Neighbors! You can join us for the zoom chat by registering for free at! Be sure to check out SPF Fort Lauderdale Saturday from 12:00 – 6:00pm at

This Sunday at 5:00pm EST, we’re hosting Cartoonist Coffee, a social event for cartoonists to meet and have small group conversations. You’ll be randomly grouped with three other cartoonists for a 15-minute conversation. When it concludes, we’ll reshuffle participants for another conversation, and repeat this process until 6:30pm! Sign up for this free event at

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