Never Miss a Spiny Orb Weaver

While out on walks, we love pointing out spiny orb weavers who have set up webs between plants! I’m sure there are tons of these little spiders we miss on our walks. But if you’re thinking about the comic arts journal we’re producing, we’ve set up a way you’ll never miss and issue! The Spiny Orb Weaver Subscription covers the three issues we have scheduled featuring brand new comics by Miss Jaws, Drew Lerman, and Jamila Rowser!

Issue Two, featuring Drew’s comic, plus a comic by Chris L√≥pez, and an essay by Rob Clough is at the printer as we write this! We can’t wait to get it in your hands, and subscribers will be the first to receive copies (y’know, after Drew, Chris and Rob do)! Subscribers also get a deep discount on postage!

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