Werewolves and Love

We’re lucky enough to receive a handful of copies of Lillie J. Harris’ debut graphic novel, Wilderness! Lillie’s story of familial love, trauma, and survival is layered, moving, and visually engrossing!

This is the first run of Lillie’s thesis project from the Center for Cartoon Studies, which Lillie sold out of in hours. We’re grateful they put a few copies aside for us!

This Tuesday, April 27, we’re hosting Leila Abdelrazaq, Zach Clemente, Lawrence Lindell, and Carta Monir to talk about their publishing and organizing projects (Maamoul Press, Bulgilhan Press, MICE, The BAYlies, Laneha House, and Diskette Press to name just a few)! Register for this event at https://forms.gle/1JKRdqdU3vgCDkK58

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