Boundless Love, Limited Quantities

We have to thank the now-defunct podcast We Should Be Friends. Carta Monir & crew recommended the comics of Victor Martins in one of their final episodes, and we became fast fans of their comics which are so full of heart. We ordered comics for our pop-up shops in 2019, and we’re excited to add our remaining stock to our catalog!

You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Me chronicles Victor’s understandable fear of men, and the struggle with transitioning to be one.

Stay, published by Diskette Press is a short but impactful comic about love (and tiny aliens powering robots disguised as humans).

Hello Boyfriend, Doki <3 is a charming and energizing comic from the collective Victor is a member of about making comics and making friends!

Pick them all up fast!

Hey! If you live in South Florida and you want to make a comic for a free anthology coming out in the Fall, you should totally submit an idea to The Sun and Sand Comic Anthology we’re co-publishing with Black Josei Press! The deadline is May 31st! Get on it!

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