Radiator Comics spends a lot of energy promoting other folks’ comics, but we also run our own projects:

Radiator Pack! art by Andrea Tsurumi
The Radiator Pack!
Radiator Comics offers a customizable curated comics subscription pack. You select the size, duration, and theme of the pack (Classic for no theme), and we select our favorite comics from our catalog and mail them to you monthly!

Radiator Comics started publishing Whit Taylor’s Fizzle in June 2019, and offers a subscription to the series. Fizzle tells the story of Claire, a listless New Jersey transplant to California, unhappy with her life, but unmotivated to do anything about it. Maybe a tasty frozen treat will change her life?

The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard
The Chronicles of Fortune
The first book we published, The Chronicles of Fortune collects ten years of comics by Coco Picard, crafted into an idiosyncratic and moving story of loss, friendship and empowerment. The Chronicles of Fortune was published in April 2017, was nominated for a Best Small Press Award from the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo, and was on the 2018 Best American Comics Notable Titles List.

Viewotron No. 2
Radiator Comics helped Sam Sharpe reprint this Ignatz and Eisner Award nominated minicomic. In a way it was our first publishing effort.

Gift Certificates
Radiator Comics offers gift certificates ranging from $5.00 – $200.00!

Free Comic Book Day Comics

2019: Radiator Comics published Crossword Caper a comic Neil Brideau drew as part of his Crossword Caper comics workshop.

2017: Radiator Comics published Weekend Routines, a favorite chapter that was edited out of The Chronicles of Fortune.

Radiator Comics is run by Neil Brideau who makes his own minicomics, which can be ordered here.