Radiator Comics actively seeks out new comics to distribute. We spend many hours stalking minicomics in the aisles of bookstores and zine shops. We fly to exotic lands, such as Bethesda, Maryland in the hopes that folded and stapled critters will leap into our bags. Despite our best efforts, our knowledge of the alternative comics landscape is not encyclopedic, and we know our favorite minicomic may be one we’ve never heard of before. With that in mind, Radiator Comics welcomes submissions for its distro.


Please submit 1 copy of each title to:

Neil Brideau
Radiator Comics
PO Box 18392
Chicago, IL 60618

Please include a note with your submission that includes contact information, retail prices of your submissions, and any additional information you feel is important.

Radiator Comics will review all submissions, and will try our best to reply. Please be patient if you don’t hear back from us quickly.

Unfortunately, not every comic can be accepted, so don’t let it get you down if your comic’s not picked up! Submitted comics will be donated to a comics library, because comics libraries rule. If you’d prefer your submission not go to a comics library, please let us know in your submission note (or include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a return)!

Before sending us comics, we strongly encourage you to read the distribution terms below. We also encourage you to look at the comics on our site. While there is no hard and fast rule of what Radiator Comics distributes, we hope our curated catalog can give you a general sense of our aesthetics and interests. Consider whether your comics would feel comfortable among the titles already on our site. When in doubt, we would prefer you err on the side of sending us copies for consideration.

If your comics are picked up for distribution

• Radiator Comics will carry your comics on a consignment basis, paying you for copies once they sell.

• Radiator Comics will provide payment for sold titles and a sales report on a quarterly basis, shortly after March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. The accompanying report will list the quantities of each title sold wholesale and retail, the stores that have purchased your titles, and the cities/towns from which individuals ordered your titles.

• Radiator Comics will pay you 50% of the retail price of each title sold wholesale to businesses.

• Radiator Comics will pay you 70% of the retail price of each title sold to retail customers.

• Radiator Comics will sell your comics to businesses at a wholesale price of 60% of the retail price.

For example, if we sell a $10 comic to a store, it will pay Radiator Comics $6, we in turn will pay you $5. If we sell the $10 comic to an individual, the individual will pay Radiator Comics $10, and we will pay you $7.

• Radiator Comics may from time to time discount your comics to retail customers. Discounts will be against Radiator Comics’ return.

For example, Radiator comics may offer 25% off your $10 comic to individuals, the individual will pay $7.50, but you will still receive $7.

• You are responsible for shipping costs to Radiator Comics.

• Radiator Comics will carry each title for at least one year, but reserves the right to return unsold stock any time after that. If we choose to return unsold stock, it will be at Radiator Comics’ expense. You may request a return at any time. If you request a return of unsold stock, you will be required to pay for shipping.

• Radiator Comics will only distribute titles both you and Radiator Comics agree to distribute.

• Radiator Comics requests you keep it up to date on at least a quarterly basis on the titles you have in stock, address changes, and any news you think we should know. Please specify if we can share this news on our website, social media & email newsletters.

• Radiator Comics will not share any contact information with third parties that is not publicly listed on your publications we carry.

• Radiator Comics may use images of covers, and interior elements of each of your titles we distribute in order to promote your work and/or Radiator Comics in both electronic and print media.