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Días de Consuelo Release Date Rescheduled to March 1, 2022

Radiator Comics is pleased to announce the release of Días de Consuelo by Dave Ortega has been rescheduled for March 1, 2022. The book is available for pre-order on the Radiator Comics website.

A tender biography filled with struggle and hope, Días de Consuelo brings to life the memories of the author’s abuela as they coincide with the storm of events that framed one of the most important uprisings of the twentieth century: The Mexican Revolution.

This graphic novel introduces middle grade through adult readers to the captivating story of Consuelo, her mother Evarista, grandmother Isabel and sister Beatriz as their lives are upended apart by civil war. Días de Consuelo is also the perfect introduction to revolutionary figures like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, the series of uprisings that they led to put an end to centuries-old systems of oppression, and the toll that this violence took on daily life. With its expressive cartooning style, this book celebrates the Mexican-American experience in a way that has yet not been seen in the comics medium.

The book’s originally scheduled release date of November 15, 2021 fell victim to the supply chain crisis facing many publishers and other industries.

Sun and Sand Comic Anthology is Back!

Black Josei Press and Radiator Comics have teamed up for a second year to co-publish the Sun and Sand Comic Anthology, a free collection of comics about South Florida. Co-edited by Jamila Rowser and Neil Brideau, the 2021 edition features 11 new comics by local cartoonists. The anthology was printed by KSY Press in Miami, and was funded by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation through their Knight Arts Challenge Award.

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Días De Consuelo Book Announcement

Radiator Comics is proud to announce we will be publishing Días De Consuelo, a 180-page collection of Dave Ortega’s self-published series of the same name.

Días de Consuelo is an intimate immigration memoir in the graphic tradition of Persepolis that connects the personal recollections of the author’s abuela (grandmother) with the storm of events that made up one of the most important uprisings of the 20th century: The Mexican Revolution.
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five women sit on the set of a television talk show

Spiny Orb Weaver No. 3 is Here!

Here it is! We’re thrilled to release the third issue of Spiny Orb Weaver, our art journal about cartooning in South Florida! This issue features a new comic written by Miami-based writer and publisher, Jamila Rowser, and an interview with her about the great work she does. Cartoonist, buttercup worked with Jamila to create Real Realm, the story of messy gods who attempt to improve their standing with mortals by starring in a reality TV show.

The back-up pages features a conversation between cartoonists remus jackson and Mar Julia who both grew up in Palm Beach County. remus and Mar discuss the ways in which South Florida has influenced their comics work, and how nostalgia plays a pivotal role.

This is the final issue of the first set of Spiny Orb Weaver issues, which was funded by the Ellies, Miami’s visual arts award, presented by Oolite Arts. We are grateful to Oolite Arts for making Spiny Orb Weaver a reality, and to the nine cartoonists, writers, and critics who have contributed to the series so far. We’ll let you know when we have information about the next set of issues planned, but for now, please enjoy all three issues!

Spiny Orb Weaver No. 2 is Here!

Oh! We’re so excited to share the second issue of our comic arts journal, Spiny Orb Weaver! This issue features a Snake Creek comic “Head Trip” by Drew Lerman, in which Roy and Dav take the strange Head On A Stone for a boat ride in the ocean! Spiny Orb Weaver editor Neil Brideau then interviews Drew about his writing and drawing and his affection for comic strips and humor of all sorts (also added this week is Drew’s humor minicomic, Schtick, the perfect companion to add to your order)

Chris López provides a comic about Miami Beach and his family’s frequent visits there. Rob Clough rounds out the issue with an essay about growing up in Miami and his exposure to arts and culture in the area!

We’re really happy for you to check it out! Don’t forget Issue One with Miss Jaws and Tana Oshima too! There’s one more issue of Spiny Orb Weaver on its way in this first batch. If you want a subscription to all three, or just the newer two, we can arrange that! Subscribers receive new issues before anyone else, and they get discounts on postage!